image Cinthia

I loved being part of soul punch learning all these techniques were great

image Sanddi Renee

I went to Soul Punch today and was impress with the training and knowledge I gained during this class. To top it off, it was FREE. I went home and tried some of the moves on my boyfriend with a little more intensity than with my partner at the class ... Read more

image Julie Weideman

I went to her training today and it was terrific! She made it fun, interesting and empowering

image Carrie Batusic

Glo is an example of a woman's strength... fluid and in motion, yet solid. The ability to show a person the strength and potential they posses when the don't yet realize it is an amazingly powerful attribute. She makes you feel like mountains ... Read more

image Thompson Sara

Daily words of encouragement..A strong push to keep me moving in the right direction!! For everyone thanks very much i appreciate it so much!! love & prayers ❤🙏❤🙏

image Shannon Caulfield Padilla

Awesome day with my Hannah learning how to defend ourselves!! Thank you!!